Relative Disruption

Relative Disruption

Relative Disruption is a 3D action adventure game in which the player is a time travelling vigilante who’s gotten in trouble with the local mob. He’s on a quest to recover his portal gun which he lost during a portal jump that goes wrong.

The game is built using Unity 3D using C#, whilst initially being created on the HD Render Pipeline, it was converted to the Universal Render Pipeline part way through to save on development time.

The game features a variety of techniques, including A* pathfinding, hitscan bullet detection, portals, PBR shaders, and behaviour trees. It is an ongoing piece of work, that I am creating as a solo project.

Relative Disruption has been a game that has taken many forms, it was really a way for me to keep practicing games development and explore the things I’m interested in. I’ve explored shaders within Unity, portals, hitscan, user interface menus, sound control (including damping sound when a club door shuts behind you), inventory systems, quest systems, interactions with NPCs, and enemy AI. It’s been an interesting journey for a game, and I’ve learned an awful lot whilst developing it.

There is currently no date set for the release of Relative Disruption, it’s purpose is primarily to operate as a space for me to develop techniques so it may never get released!

I also created some terrain for the game and threw together a video on how I put it together. Have a skip through and you’ll see some of the pretty surroundings and how I’ve used the game engine to create terrain which incorporates my water shader.

To the right you can watch the first couple of minutes of the gameplay so far. It features the first couple of missions, interactions with NPCs, some walking around the world. All the good stuff of any game, right?