Artist Away

For my fourth and final year at university, I took on the challenge
of developing a Direct X 11 graphics engine and producing a procedurally generated level within that engine. The graphics engine would feature various types of shaders to provide depth to the level. The end goal was to have an application which would generate a game level at run time, and that goal was achieved.

Prio Engine was written in C++ and made use of Direct X 11 in order
to render graphics through HLSL shaders on the GPU. Artist Away utilised Prio Engine to procedurally generate a level through the use of a Perlin Noise algorithm, and various shading techniques.


The combined projects demonstrate the following techniques:

  • Procedural generation of terrain
  • Foliage
  • Clouds on a plane
  • Rain / snow generated on the GPU through geometry shaders
  • Water depth and refraction effects
  • Water reflection
  • Slope based texturing
  • Colour changing skybox’s to represent day / night time
  • Clouds